Reach Your Doctor

The latest from Mapunity, Reach Your Doctor is a simple Patient, Appointment & Consultation Management Software for your practice. Everything you need to get your practice online, track your appointments, consultation details and client interactions in one convenient, secure and easy to use place. Help your clients find you and book online 24/7. What’s Reach […]

The Glow of the Lagoon Nebula

Gas and dust condense, beginning the process of creating new stars in this image of Messier 8, also known as the Lagoon Nebula. Located four to five thousand light-years away, in the constellation of Sagittarius (the Archer), the nebula is a giant interstellar cloud, one hundred light-years across. Source:

Timely reminders for your child’s health

Mapunity is working to put together simple information platforms for promoting public health. The first initiative in this effort is Vaccidate, a free online and mobile-based alerting service that remind parents and guardians about the vaccination schedules for their children. Parents can register to Vaccidate service free of cost by sending an SMS VACC <space> […]