Developing Ajax-based Java applications

Developing Ajax-based Java applications ABSTRACT: This Tech Talk provides an overview of the ICEfaces framework, which is designed to add AJAX to JSF based on a technology called Direct-to-DOM Rendering. This approach allows a web application to be rendered entirely on the server side. The browser essentially acts as a remote control to a server-side […]

Use multiple identities on Google Talk

Want to run Google Talk with multiple Gmail identities?If you have several Google Gmail accounts you also may want to run multiple instances of Google Talk. This is especially important for families that share a single PC. Nothing worse than a family member signing you out so they can sign in under their own account!Basically, […]

Sign and verify XML documents using Apache WSS4J and WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances

With the increasing adoption of Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs), ensuring the authenticity, integrity, and nonrepudiability of XML messages has become an essential component of secure and robust messaging infrastructures. Using a sample scenario, this article walks you through how to use Apache WSS4J and IBM® WebSphere® DataPower® SOA Appliances together to enable the […]

Traits for Java

What are Traits?Traits are like interfaces, but can have a method body and a class that implements a Trait inherits the method body. In many ways Traits are similar to abstract classes, but they don’t have constructors, don’t have initializers, don’t have fields, can be multiply inherited (like an interface), and super does not refer […]

Increase the visibility of your resume with keywords

  Have you been submitting resumes and not hearing back? A piece on suggests it may not be your lack of qualifications but more of a lack of keywords. Keywords are phrases that communicate your job skills, responsibilities, and/or functions. The more you reference keywords that are contained in the recruiter’s search, the more […]


  10) Competition is good. 90% market share is better. 9) We’re disappointed that the US government failed to reach a reasonable settlement with Microsoft. We thought that our press release last year about Microsoft buying the US government took care of these little details. We support a free marketplace. So long as our support […]