Groovy and Grails – A Getting Started Guide

  There is a new introductory article on Groovy and Grails, Groovy and Grails – A Getting Started Guide, which walks you through some nice Groovy and Grails example. The article discusses what it is, web development, Grails features, architecture, installation, how to go about developing a Grails app, the app structure, using the database, […]


Sun Microsystems, a front-runner in supporting open source and one of the largest contributors to this movement, takes this opportunity to invite the young, dynamic academic community of India to come and become a part of this exciting open source wave. We can take this opportunity to learn about open source technology and make contributions […]

Sun Developer Network Academic Developer Program

  The Sun Developer Network (SDN) Academic Developer Program is all about empowering Academic Developers through sharing, collaboration and open innovation. Not coincidently, these are key elements of what we at Sun, refer to as the Participation Age. So, whether you’re a student and new to Java or Solaris, an educator looking to incorporate the […]

Mastering EJB 3.0 Free Book

  For those of you who were eagerly awaiting (who wasn’t?) EJB 3, here is a free book on the subject which can be downloaded from here. Hope you find it useful (at least is free!).This book is a tutorial on EJB 3.0.It’s about EJB concepts, methodology, and development. This book also contains a number […]