I don’t owe you shit

Originally uploaded by urbanwide

The question was “What happened to the release????” on ruby-forum. But, what followed was furious, funny replies.

As an example check this out:

> and it's now 24 July, I don't think it's inappropriate to get impatient
> for a release or an explanation of the delay. �Heck, if they asked for
> help, they might get some, but this silence is bad if the core team want
> to keep their credibility. �Why should I trust a core team that can't
> get its act together to take 2 minutes to write a blog post explaining
> why the release was delayed?

This should help clear things up: http://bit.ly/diXfGx

If you wanna know what the rails community is all about (other than awesome) then read on. I develop Rails apps and I love everything about it, the Framework, community, blogs and the attitude is one among them.

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